English Salon

English Time!

Touch English and talk in English!

“English Time” will be held to invite guests from various countries to spend “English only” time.  Free talk with guests,Let's listen in English and have fun talking in English︕

English Time 開催!


To everyone who can cooperate with English Salon "English Time"


Higashine City Sakuranbo(Cherry Blossom) International Association.

 The Sakuranbo(Cherry Blossom) International Association organizes an English salon to provide opportunities for ordinary citizens to speak English and have a conversation. We ask everyone who speaks English to cooperate.

There is a problem that Japanese people are facing

Even if Japanese learn English at school, there is no opportunity to speak English in everyday life. Therefore, Japanese people cannot speak English forever.

How to improve

Increase opportunities to listen to raw English.

Create opportunities and places to speak English in town.

Salon purpose and policy

50% of the world's English speaking population are non-native.

It is also important to listen to English spoken by different countries (with different pronunciations).

Learn about foreign cultures by listening to explanations in English and deepening the understanding of the contents, with themes of various national cultures and nationalities as the theme.

Salon management method

The purpose of the salon is to prepare simple tea and coffee and to interact with students or guest speakers in English.

This salon is not an English class, so it is not necessary to teach English forcibly.

Students need to be able to talk little by little while remembering the English and words they learned at school in the past.

The role of the guest speaker is, for example, to introduce his / her own culture and nationality, and to talk about topics and hobbies he / she is good at.

The guest speaker proceeds by receiving a question from the participant or asking a question from the guest speaker.

Any number of guest speakers are welcome.

It may be a good idea to incorporate games so that students and guest speakers can interact.

Operating hours

Operates within one or two hours  .

The day of the event is Saturday.

Necessary equipment

Please let us know if you need a projector or computer for your presentation. We will prepare for you.


Higashine City Sakuranbo(Cherry Blossom)International Association

Name of person in charge of English Salon “English Time” 

Hiroshi Ise (伊勢 博)

contact information 

mobile phone  080-8163-2295